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How do we prepare our quality product ?


BCPL formulae combine the time-tested wisdom culled from the authentic ayurvedic texts with cutting-edge manufacturing and quality control technologies for a total, effective approach to self-care.

Ayurvedic texts talk about Sanyog —the science of combining different herbs into precise blends that offer the added value of synergy and balance. Our formulas aren't single herbs or random combinations of ingredients from the latest health fads. They are carefully formulated combinations based on the traditional texts. Each formula is developed under the close supervision of our consortium of ayurvedic experts. Equally important in ayurveda is Sanskar -- preparing the herbs in such a manner that the innate intelligence and healing wisdom of each plant is carefully preserved in the final product. Our formulas are prepared meticulously.

Herbs used in our formulas are harvested at their freshest in India. Herbs naturally vary in potency with seasons, cycles of the moon and even by the time of day. Following traditional harvesting and processing it ensures natural standardization of potency. Where possible without threatening the natural ecological balance, our herbs are gathered in the wild, because wild-crafted herbs can be as much as 100 times more potent than their cultivated counterparts.

Realm of Our Product :

Our commitment to authenticity and careful manufacturing ensures that you get the best of both worlds -- the ancient and the modern -- for products that are unparalleled in value and quality.

Our products empowers people to reclaim true health and find renewed enthusiasm for creating harmony in their bodies, minds and spirits