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Kaferol Cough syrup :

Uses: Gives quick relief in common cold, sore throat, Coughing, Bronchial Asthma, and Bronchitis.

Therapeutic Values of the Ingredients :
Ardoosa (Leaves o Adhatoda Vasica)
Acts as very good expectorant. Clears the cough from chest.

Jethimadh (Roots of Glycyrrhiza or Liquorice)

It is very good demulcent and used to mitigate sore throat and cough. Protects mucuous surface from irritation. Mild expectorant.
Somlata (Ephedra Valgaris Herb)
Causes full dilatation of the Bronchitis, so as to breath comfortably.
Snooth (Ginger Rhizome)
Dissolves cough deposited in the chest. Also it is Carminative. Pipermint phool and Ajma phool are very good antiseptics, give relief in common cold condition.


To break up persistence cough and other congestion associated with common cold, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Tracheobronchitis, Whopping Cough & similar Allergic disorders.